Feb 18, 2011

Lady Gaga wasn't the Original

by Junnie

Talk about Lady Gaga coming to the Grammy's inside an egg made me recall this pic.

She wasn't original at all. But beneath those pa-weirdo facade and outrageous make over and 'do is a sensitive person. She just tweeted today how she felt happy seeing this video and how it made her realize why she is in this business. Well guys, welcome the latest Pinoy You Tube sensation.

Here was Lady Gaga's tweet entry:

and here's the reason for her tears...not as special as Charice or as compelling as the Cebu inmates...but really, to capture the attention of 1 million 2 Million 9.9 Million 36 MILLION You Tube viewers after Gaga tweeted, that is SPECIAL.

Great song. Great rendition. We are all born this way, hatched, given by God, or in my case, someone who can't sleep for 5 hrs straight....back to bed for me.

here's an update video of Maria Aragon from Canada speaking with Lady Gaga: who invites Maria to go onstage and do a duet on March 3 at Lady Gaga's Toronto Concert!


  1. re youtube: WOW

    re gab in an egg: LOL :)

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