Ex-Virtual Friend

Since I started blogging in 2002 (yup that long ago), I have gained online friends. Most of these are fellow Filipinos who are based overseas. Long before Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Multiply or Friendster came along, our virtual community* kept in touch and updated each other using our blogs. We celebrated milestones and successes and gave reassurances when needed by commenting on each other's posts. The funny thing is, some of these friends, I haven't even met in person.

January 2011, the time came for me to meet one of my virtual friends. I can't seem to recall when and how we got to know each other online. The only thing I know is that we read each other's blogs (I admire her photos by the way) plus she reads my brother's too.

She is Filipina, in fact with Cebuano roots, and is now based in Europe. She was in Cebu for the holidays (Christmas up to Sinulog). And since we were in the same place at the same time, meeting each other was the most natural thing to do.

We finally met up and got to see each other... for the first time. I didn't even have to wonder how she looked. It was like seeing an old friend when she walked in Starbucks that afternoon. And we instantly hit it off.

She was talkative and was animated while telling her stories, pretty much the same way she wrote her posts on her blog. Amusing, really. And my 6yo Jake enjoyed her company too, as if she were one of his aunts.

She has since gone back to Europe but there's the assurance that we would keep in touch. I may not be as active in blogging as I was before but there's always FB. :) And who knows? We might just meet again... soon.

Sha and Jake


once more with feeling :)

A virtual community is a social network of individuals who interact through specific media, potentially crossing geographical and political boundaries in order to pursue mutual interests or goals. One of the most pervasive types of virtual community include social networking services, which consist of various online communities. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_community)


  1. I remember there was a time that Sha and I were either both in Switzerland and were traveling in and out of Europe. At that time, having a 'kababayan' in the same place, blogging and seems really accommodating was always a chance for reaching out. Commenting was the first step, then realizing other commonalities, like Greece and photography was the ultimate hook. Then Cebu, then traveling, food and the rest followed. When you said 'talkative', I wasn't surprised. Her pics speak a lot of her and her texts were always interesting. Glad you two met...while we maintain the many commonalities and the mystery.

  2. Hopefully tayo naman in June :)

  3. hi junnie,
    that was a mouthful. hehehe. i hope you and sha catch each other in canada, cebu or greece soon. :)

    hi denden,
    i'm looking forward to meeting you in person! :) that's only a few months from now.

  4. beautiful piece Linnor I will be back I promised Jake an adventure ;-) didn't I?

  5. Calling my sister Shalimar 'talkative' is an understatement! :-)

  6. hi sha,
    thanks! looking forward to the next meeting. hehehe. :)

    hi tara,
    hahaha! i meant that in an endearing way :). never a dull moment while i was with her.

  7. i think bubbly and animated would be the best word to describe Sha... she and i met also through blogging and then in person while she was in fort lauderdale, US.. and yes, it seemed like we knew each other forever. Sha has a way of making people so at ease with her.. that's a gift!

  8. hi jescel! sha is good company indeed. :) this is one reason i love blogging, it gives us the opportunity to meet wonderful people we share the same interests with (food, travel, photograpy, family).

    thanks so much for the visit! :)


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