Effortless Entertainment

Last December, cousin Mimi and I planned some sort of a get-together. Nothing grand... just an afternoon of games, chitchat over pizza, ice cream and bottles of Fit and Right. :) After all, family members from Manila, Asia, Europe and Middle East were in town. Only those from North America were not around. (I just made that sound like we're very dispersed).

The 3rd generation kids (aged 2-6) who don't see each other often, because of geography, were excitedly running about. Ziggy and 2nd-cousin Zach danced to "Evolution of Dance" (too cute!) while elder sisters Zia and Marti were busy with the Wii.

When my Aunt Didi and my Pa started handing out $ and Php bills, the kids eagerly showed off their talents. What a sight!

What was supposed to be a get-together for a couple of hours stretched to a few more. Stories seemed never-ending, well, at least for me and Mimi. :D As if we're not FB or Twitter friends. Haha!

Just when we thought there was a lull, my Pa stood up to do his magic tricks. Oh yes, these are the same magic tricks he did during Junnie's grade school Father-and-Son Camp back in the late 1970s (?). The younger ones were in awe while the elder ones pretended it was their first time seeing the tricks too. Hihi... conspiracy.

Above the din of the excited kids and belly-laughs of the adults, my thoughts were alternately going back to the past and to the present... Here's wishing they treasure the bond and remember these priceless moments, like I did (still do) my own.

How did you do that Lolo?
How did you do that Lolo?

Lolo, are you sure this string will go through my body without hurting me?

Focus now... learning curve

The moves!


  1. I did not realize that the bingo games participated in by everyone and the magics I did would make the simple get-together not only more exciting and but memorable as well.

    Hope we could have more of this kind and I promise I will show more Houdini type of magics that would certainly 'bring the house down', so to speak!

  2. hello paparazzi! we will have more of these memorable get-togethers, that's for sure! :) better brush up on your new houdini tricks. hehehe....


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