Call Me Loser!

As expected with the holidays, we've had family, relatives and friends gathering together. With so much scrumptious food and a lot of good company, it's not called the happiest time of the year for nothing. :)

The good times come with unwanted extras though. The holiday binge-eating "gifted" me with at least 5 additional pounds. Oh no! LOL. Hello muffin-top! My daily mantra since day 1 of 2011 has been: ...must... lose... weight!

PS: I did lose more than a kilo (for real) since cutting out junk food from my diet, controlling portions, being (slightly more) active and drinking green tea. :D

That's a start right?

A sampling of the holiday binge-eating follows...


Starbucks on several occasions

@Figaro IT Park



Dinner @ Cafe Laguna
Cafe Laguna

Ching Palace

Christmas Day Dinner @ Mesa

Christmas Day Dinner @ Mesa


  1. I love these family photos, yall looks so loving. It seems like fun also

  2. thanks for liking :) we are a loud bunch, hyperactive most of the time. hehehe...

  3. I was wondering why I bit my tonque so much during this has since been bleeding... missed all the fun, am sure I was part of it, either as pulutan or topic of conversation or the mere fact that you were having fun, I became happy too, from a distance...

  4. junnie, i guess it has become one of my personal advocacies to spend as much time as possible with the extended family. i'm glad there's this blog and facebook to share these moments to you and others. :)


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