I knew Pa got this idea from Junnie and Mitzi during his recent vacation in Canada. And he was too eager to run the same gimmick during the Christmas break in Cebu. When he set foot in the mall, he walked towards another direction while the rest of us were busily figuring out where to have our lunch. Laguna Garden? Max's? Mesa? You'd think he was going to panic-shop for gifts for all of us as he quickly moved in the direction of Metro Ayala.

And on his return, he proudly showed us his loot - a set of bingo! LOL... It was the kind that you needed to punch the round plastic number "tiles" (do tiles come in round shape too?) from the "mat" it came with. Rather crude. He worked on it for the rest of the day until he had his chance to emcee the game right at home, after our Christmas dinner.

And what do you know? We had FUN! The laughter echoing within the corners of our humble home was too precious! The kids were game even if it only meant winning pens, recycled gifts (haha!), small items, chips, nuts, chocolates and the occasional cash. And the twist to the game was a novelty too. The winner got to grab any gift he/she wanted. It was hilarious!

Who would have thought a game of bingo would be that fun??? We enjoyed it so much we had another session with our cousins, the Herreras, Cruzes and Villaruels. :) Yup, just a couple of days after.

Christmas Day Huddle

Another round of bingo


All smiles :)

I didn't know bingo was this fun
I didn't know bingo could be this fun!

The bingo games were a blast AND the pizza and the barbecue, chorizo, puso and ice cream our cousins sponsored made the extended family bonding perfect!


  1. Great ideas are meant to be shared
    the lesser great ones are just for the family.
    I was born with a bingo card on my hand and reintroducing to the family was but natural.

    Maybe its the reason why I can only count til 75?

  2. haha! you and cousin bingo were conceived during ma and mama sol's bingo heydeys remember? thus the name by mama sol. lol!


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