All (But One) in Cebu

We've always had to divide our Christmas season between Cebu, where we are based, and Manila, where my parents and siblings live. Sometimes, it would be Christmas in one place then New Year in another place or the other way around. That would be the case even after Junnie and Mitzi migrated to Canada, and a few times more even after May, Rommel and kids moved to Singapore. For 2010, we thought, "how about having everyone here in Cebu for a change?".

The plan was great but the events leading to it were quite a different story altogether. Work got in the way (haha!)... Schedules did not quite jive... Plans changed every now and then. And... ugh, it was a roller-coaster ride!

I'm not sure now how it all fell into place but, to make the long story short, we all (except for Junnie and family) found ourselves celebrating Christmas 2010 in one place - Cebu! Junnie joined us via Skype so it was like he was with us as well. :)

And what's a reunion without the regulation gathering around the table, right? We hauled ourselves between eating at home and trying out local restos. It was always a riot, in a happily chaotic way.

I ♥ this family!


Two branches of the Arreza family, in Cebu


On Skype
Junnie and Gab via Skype on Christmas Day


  1. missed it live, glad to have been there virtually! Cebu has a great place in our hearts. in 2004, choosing for a 2nd office apart from Manila was a no brainer.

    missed the kiddoes...and the big celeb with lechon cebu is always present...much more than I am present.

  2. junnie, bring gab to cebu! he has cousins and 2nd-cousins here whom he could play with. :)


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