When the boys in the house are playing together, there would be instances when they would end up squabbling or taunting each other over small things. I would usually join in the fray when the little one starts calling out: "Ma, o! Di-hia is teasing me!". At this point, I'd tell them to quit it. If the name-calling or snickering persists, I'd mete out a punishment as severe as grounding both of them from watching tv, using the computer or going out with friends. You see, I'm the resident judge, one-woman jury and jail warden rolled into one.

Why am I writing this? The following pic I took was after I allowed the elder one to go out with his friends after his periodical tests tomorrow. So glad was he that he was extra playful with the younger brother.

I'll leave you to guess what happens next after this huggy-huggy, sweetie-sweetie episode. :)



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