World Expo 2010 Shanghai

During the 45 minute drive from the Pudong International Airport to our hotel at Marriott Xujiahui at high speed, Tom regaled us with bits and pieces of information about the World Expo that Shanghai was hosting. We were all ears as we were there for the Expo after all. He mentioned about how the new elevated highway from Pudong airport was built in 3 years in anticipation of the surge in visitors for the expo. It shortened the road trip by half the time.

On the day of our tour, we were on our own. We spent the entire day walking to different country pavilions and marveling at the sights. We went inside a few but were not able to see the "hot" pavilions because the queues were too long! The China pavilion alone had a 5-hour waiting time and we only had 72 hours in Shanghai!

It was amazing how the huge expo site used to be farm lands (according to Tom). Despite its size, visitors were crowding the walkways. I was glad the weather was cool or we wouldn't have covered much of the sights if it were warm.

The theme for the expo was: "Better City, Better Life" so I was wondering how the activities in the Philippine Pavilion tied up with the theme. While other countries showcased innovations in science and technology, ours highlighted various shows that include "vocal music, folk, rock, solos, ensemble and street-style performances on special stages" and hydrotherapy (hydrotherapy???). And, answer this.... How in the world did Oishi's Marty's vegetable chicharon become part of Philippine pride? I'm still confused why I saw these snack products being displayed in the pavilion. Sana lechon na lang. (?!) :P

Anyway... the expo has since been concluded (last Oct. 31). I hope our pavilion will be a lot better in the 2015 World Expo in Milan.

Here's the official link to the expo:

To the Expo
on the way to the subway leading to the expo site

Clean subway
the clean subway

Paparazzi mode
paparazzi mode

Tired feet


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