Muji, Chelsea and My Ninja


We flew to Manila via Cebu Pacific's 12 noon flight last October 29. I had mixed feelings because while I was excited to see Shanghai with the hubby, our flight schedule did not make it possible for us to get Jake from school. My only consolation is seeing him as a ninja for his school halloween costume party. Really cute! I had several pics of him wearing it just before he ran off to his car pool service.

Ninja for Halloween

We had 8 hours before our flight to Shanghai so Jerry and I checked in our luggage early and took a cab to Bonifacio High Street to drop by Muji. It reminded me of Ikea but it had more apparel than house furnishing and stuff. It is a pretty cool place with a lot of interesting things to tinker with, if not buy. Jerry ended up buying a pair of off-white sneakers.


Oh... and I happened to see Charlie Cojuangco too, lining up by the counter. I think I saw some hangers in his basket, if I'm not mistaken. He was with a lady. Hehe... Now I'm beginning to sound too showbiz.

Anyway, with enough time for an early dinner before heading back to the airport, we stopped by Chelsea at Serendra to have an order of salmon on baked potato and asparagus, split into two. Yum!



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