Leylam Shawarma

Leylam Shawarma Rice

I've heard about it before. People say it's good. It was only when they took over the vacated stall space in i2 Bldg that I finally got to taste Leylam shawarma rice.

Have you tried it? Was it good for you?


  1. Hey, I like the pic! And you mentioned i2 bldg! Demn, what a small world! I used to work there. And I buy shawarma rice there too. It's supppaaaahhhh gooooodddd! :D

  2. Thanks Leah! Small world! :) I hope you keep visiting.

  3. mukhang oily based sa pic.

  4. I'll try to visit. Hehe. It's not oily at all. It's just the mayo and sauce that makes it look oily. I for one hates oily stuff but this one aint. :D


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