Keeping The Faith

by May

I dreamt of roses. I dreamt of colorful ones. I dreamt of a bed full of them. For a moment, I thought I was living a dream but reality bites, the dream was actually a nightmare and the roses were actually thorns. It's painful. It's traumatic. If only I could turn back the time...a chance to undo...but no one's to blame as it was a choice agreed upon. Everything that happened, I know, happened for a reason. It's a lesson learned...the hard way.

At the end of the road, I hope to see some light. The best is yet to come...He's there I know. He's looking after us. He knows our heart's desire. His plan for us is so grand that it needs a stronger me to face it.

There's not much detail to understand what was written but it's not what matters. I'm writing this to share how firm my belief is that we will finish what we have started and we will do it with His help.The feeling He brings me is just so overwhelming. Thank you God for keeping me sane in spite the challenges. Thank you for sending Your angels here on earth to let me know that You are just there waiting for us to ask. I'm keeping the faith.


  1. hang in there! things will turn out for the best.


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