Engineer in the Making?

I didn't have a hard time waking him up at 545am this morning. I only had to say "Engineer Jake" and he was up. He was waiting for this day when he could wear his costume to school for their Community Helpers day.

His fascination with Lego might come handy soon.:)

Engr. Jake
Engr. Jake with his real hard hat from Ace Hardware and hand-drawn building and house plans


  1. I wonder if he had his outfit in mind when he was choosing the color of the hat....hehehe! :D

  2. he seems to be drawn to green. green for dlsu? hehehe....

  3. hala, i like! bagay na bagay sa kanya maging Engineer :)

  4. cuz, excited sya to wear his hard hat. it's not the toy hard hat that we see in toy kingdom, because jerry bought him the real deal in the hardware. lol.

  5. Your little engineer looked like he already found a career to pursue and it is a good one,too. Loosen up the wallet Mom and Dad! It will be money well spent.


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