Breather from Florante at Laura

I've posted once on my Twitter account about the review lessons I was doing with my 2nd year high school son and how it was such a challenge to both of us as we struggled to understand the deep Tagalog words used in the epic, Florante at Laura.

Well, we spent most of the weekend translating stanzas either in English or in conversational Tagalog and dissected hidden meanings in symbolisms used. This was to help prepare him for his 2nd quarterly exams that will start this coming Wednesday.

Good thing there's Google. The limited information we gathered helped bridge the gap between not understanding anything in the story and vaguely having a clue. Haha! And oh, thanks as well to the Tagalog-English dictionary we have at home, we now have an inkling on what some words mean. Whew!

Dang! How did I ever get past that year we took the same lessons when I was in high school???

Jake and Kyle
Jake and Kyle playing the PSP while taking a breather from reviewing lessons


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