On Birthdays and Being Almost Legal

I just realized I haven't blogged about my 2 elder sons' birthdays... It's either a classic case of busy schedules taking over my blogging time or simply... uhmm... procrastination.

Last July, Matt, our eldest, turned 17. He was in town (Cebu) with some of his college friends who flew in from Manila. And to be with him on the special day and to share lunch at Big Mao, I took a leave of absence. By early evening, as soon as Kyle, our second son, got home from school, our complete family drove to Marco Polo for the dinner buffet.

The next day, a Saturday, we hosted another get-together at Abuhan (IT Park). This time, it was for about 30 guests, a combination of Matt's friends and some of our relatives/friends. It was a rowdy affair, but it did not come as a surprise especially since half of the restaurant was filled with teenage boys, drinking (a bit), talking and laughing excitedly. It was good to see them like that, almost grown up. Some, including Matt, were with their girlfriends even.


A few days ago, Kyle, our middle son, turned 14. Since it was a Monday and the week of their 2nd quarterly exams, we celebrated with a quiet family dinner at Tinder Box. His birthday party with friends will be on the 23rd which he will co-celebrate with one of his friends. So now I'm soliciting ideas for a good venue for lunch where the teens will have a good fill.

I'm sure it will be another merry day just like what we had in Matt's. I just hope it doesn't take me months or another birthday in order to blog about it.

Oh well, it seemed just like yesterday when these annual special occasions were such production numbers. Now, gone are the days of kiddie themed parties... Kyle is in the thick of being a teen while Matt is almost legal. :)


  1. Has the legal drinking age in Philippines changed since the late 60's? Just curious.

  2. hi bertn! i guess it's still 18. i'm not sure though if this is being strictly enforced especially in public places.


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