Because of the Balamban Liempo

...which we had for dinner last Sunday, I prodded everyone to go for a hike at the park early Monday. The boys were not your willing walking buddies, if I may say, judging from the pace they got up from bed. But after reminding them of how much liempo (pork belly) they enjoyed / consumed the night before, I was able to have my way. Hah! Visions of muffin tops and love handles ran through their minds, most probably.


Though not in action, here is a pic to prove that we tried to walk off the extra triglyceride and cholesterol we ingested...


  1. everyone's growing bigger. even Jerry :) I love Matthew's shirt, sa akin ba galing?

  2. junnie, no thanks to the liempo we are all looking heavy. and the sedentary lifestyle doesn't help. ayayay.

    btw, see you in a few days! :)

  3. I think they need more liempo before you start worrying about their weights LOL.

  4. hi bertn! yes. actually puede pa maagapan by having a more active lifestyle. hehehe. ;)


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