Pacquiao for Inspiration?

While I was at the salon for 2 hours to have my hair colored, treated and cut, Jake was off by himself to do his own thing... explore ALA Gym next door.

Out of curiosity, he went inside where he was gamely accommodated by the men who manned the gym. Though he's fond of sparring and pretend-fighting with his school friends, today was his foray inside a boxing ring wearing real boxing gloves.

After my primping, I went to find him. The Jake I saw was all sweaty and excited at his new-found activity...

Here... He's got the form, don't you think?

Jacob's first foray into boxing

Jacob 's first boxing foray


  1. Another Pacquiao in the making?

  2. hi bertn,
    that's not a bad idea. :) it's just one of the things he wants to try at the moment.


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