On and Off, Fast-Forward

After a week of on and off low-grade fever with cough and cold, I allowed Jake to attend his school today. I make sure he is hydrated enough though, and still look out for the symptoms of dengue, as this disease can be tricky. He is not yet in the clear, but he is in a much better state (I guess), now that he insists on watching tv while having his meal, the way he normally does at lunch.

He has also regained half of his energy level, judging from the way he flits from one part of the room to the next in a flash, or the way he sings "I'm in the Lord's Army" complete with marching movements and hand gestures. Though I could still hear his raspy voice due to cough, his cold and fever seem to be gone. I pray for good.

I'd rather see him naughty, active and "annoyingly" noisy, than quiet and lethargic. If only I had a magic switch so I could fast forward the moments I want to just zip by. One thing about kids getting sick, it makes you wish it were you instead of them.

On / Off
"fast-forward" to normal state


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