Not the Usual Jake

Honey has been very useful in curing Jake's brewing cough. Since we've started using it (fresh or bought from the grocery), it's been a while since we last had a pedia visit to consult about an infection.

I guess the kid was exposed to a stronger viral strain in preschool because he got sick last Thursday. When I picked him up, I noticed he wasn't his usual talkative, active self in the car. And if you know him, you'd be alarmed that this was rather unusual. Normally, he would be bubbly and would keep on blabbering about his activities and his playmates, you'd be out of breath just by listening. Hehe.

His low-grade fever with cough and cold caused him to miss 2 school days (Tue and Wed), 1 trip to the ER, 1 trip to the Pediatrician and 2 blood extractions.

The doctor suspects it's dengue but we're not yet sure. We have until today to observe.

Today he's still quite feverish... but cough is not as dry and his cold has abated. He's up and about, playing, watching tv, eating and drinking.

I hope he gets better.

Jake and the Kois
Jake... watching the kois at i1 Bldg...


  1. i hope he gets better soon at sana huwag dengue. My brother is still in the hospital due to dengue. One week na cya sa hospital and he's been sick for 9 days.

  2. get well soon Jake. Hope he's negative for dengue :)

  3. kakatapos lang nila zia and ziggy magkasakit..pareho din...ubo at sipon na may lagnat.

  4. Praying for strong for Jake...wawa naman

  5. Linnor Rapes9/2/10, 2:59 PM

    thanks nina, leslee, may and junnie!

    his condition improved significantly today. :) i hope he gets back to his normal energy level na.

  6. The way you described Jake's behaviour lately is quite unusual. Maybe he made a firm resolve to be different, tihis time, for a change. Hehehe.

    Get well soon Jake. Try looking for Agua from that pond for some help! For instant healing!


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