Ma, boarding...

That was the text message I received from Kyle who (as of this writing) is on a short flight enroute to Bacolod with teachers and 2 sections in 2nd year high school. They are going on an eco-tour to complement their classroom discussions in Biology.

My sleep last night was not so restful, perhaps because I worried about this first time that 14 yo Kyle will be traveling (although with teachers and classmates) on his own. I worried whether he packed everything that he needed... toiletries, enough clothes (for all of 2 days. hehehe...), the spray-on insect repellant... or whether his cellphone was fully charged and had load... and so on.

Ugh, I'm such a worrywart like that.

I woke up ahead of the alarm this morning to make sure he did not forget the essentials. I prepared his breakfast while he got himself ready. By 645am, he was on his way to the airport.

There shouldn't be anything to worry about, this is what I keep telling myself. It may be the first but this is not going to be the only time, so I better pull myself together. Heh.

After I received his text message, I sighed and managed to text this back:

"Ok... have fun!"

Kyle and I
Kyle and I


  1. we (moms) really won't be able to get used to this. we're natural worrywarts, i think, and you're not alone. :) si ninna nga playdate lang with the neighbors medyo nag-iisip pa ako, hehe. but they need to spread their wings so let's be the wind (naks!). :) i know kyle's going to be fine because he's a smart and responsible kid. he's going to enjoy the experience, i just know it. :)

  2. hi meeya!

    first it was matt who moved out for college in another region. then now, kyle is starting to have his own activities. it's like a new experience for me every time. :)

    ang dami nga natin na worrywarts :) thanks for the encouraging words. i will keep them in mind.

  3. yeah i agree with the above..naturally worrywart tayo... my rafa is only 14mos but i get so teary eyed when i think of when he'll be off to nursery school!!! wahhhhhhhh! haha

    time really flies and FAST!!!!

  4. hi shery!

    enjoy your moments with rafa :)

  5. Kyle is big enough and knows what he is doing! Teach him to be independent by giving him that full trust. Let him learn from his mistakes! He is no baby anymore.

    Learn from me. Am so happy and at peace even if you are in Cebu and your two other siblings are in Toronto and Singapore with their families! Yes?

  6. hello paparazzi,

    letting-go takes a lot of getting used to, if ever i get used to it. i guess it's part of being a mom to worry. in time kyle will be like matt and will go off on his own, i still won't be ready by then but will try my best to let go. :)


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