Breakfast Out

Eldest son, Matt, flew in from Manila last Saturday to spend his university term break at home with us. Jerry, the hubby, arrived from Manila as well, the following day, Sunday.

Being in the same place gets a bit more tricky these days with all of us having different work and school schedules. So every chance we get, we try to make it special.

Because the trusted cook was indisposed during the weekend and I was totally helpless in the kitchen (still am), we all decided to have breakfast in a nearby resto just before we heard mass. For a change... :)

It wasn't our normal routine but that was exactly what made it more special for us all. Amid the noisy chat of the boys trying to upstage one another in telling his story, I was happily enjoying the moment as I feasted on my breakfast and tried to sample theirs.

angus tapa, ham and cheese omelette, fried bangus, and corned beef hash


  1. I bet, I could not eat breakfast with you with obvious relish becaue all the foods you are ordering are either rich in cholesterol and uric!

    Food for 4-ple bypass and angioplasty patient, please!

  2. hehehe..... hello paparazzi! once in a blue moon lang yan. wala kasing cook.


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