Early Flight

After a few hours of sleep, it was time to head off to the airport for his early flight back to Manila. It's a good thing his classes for today start after lunch. He will have enough time to catch up on sleep when he arrives at his dorm this morning.

As for me, I will eagerly await the next weekend he comes home. Holiday or no holiday. :)

My College Boy


  1. kawawa naman si matthew. bakit naman puyat? nakakapag aral pa ba sya pag umuuwi sa inyo?

  2. of course nakakapag-aral naman. gumimik kasi the night before (sat) to celebrate a friend's birthday.

  3. Call that a POWER NAP with the Mommy giving Matt a POWER HUG!

    Talagang Green Arhcer gdating even while sleeping. Mukhang hindi na siya BLUED!


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