Blood Bloggers

by Junnie

From Switzerland to Singapore, 6 years after

Google the term "Blood bloggers", or "Sibling bloggers". Done? Oh, after clicking that blog on mental illness you'd know that wasn't part of what I wanted you to do. We wanted to know if there have been a lot of collaborative projects between siblings who have decided to put up a blog about the goings-on in their lives. Well here's one from Cebu, Singapore and Mississauga.

The effort has led to a community that all 3 siblings brought in from their respective blogs and when combined was strong enough to have a great following. Lately though, with so much blogs, status updates, twitter entries to follow and read, the numbers have plateaued. Good thing this Gratitude Journal was kept afloat by eldest sister, Linnor.

"It was a memorable year for the Arreza's! We had additions to the family, achievements in school, moving from one apartment to another, graduating to university and a lot of travels in between.", recalls May, the youngest of the three, who now calls Singapore home - lah!

Indeed there were a lot of blessings to be grateful for and this blog, a Gratitude Journal, was able to capture most of them!

Here's a toast to my siblings, 2 sisters I fondly call as my precious bling-blings in the world!

This month, Gratitude Journal is celebrating its first year!

Toast!!! Here's to more... Originally, posted at Rice, Spoon and Fork


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