It's been years since I last tasted their fried chicken. I only remember the two branches at Roxas Boulevard and Chinatown.

I'm glad Jerry suggested we have our lunch here (SM Cebu branch). Food was good considering the price we paid for 2 combo meals good for our group of 4 (minus 1 son who's now Manila-based). Judging from the way my youngest ate his chicken (and slurped his gravy) and the comments I heard from hubby and elder son, this is perhaps one of the best fried chicken meals we've had.



  1. Do you know if the Savory at Escolta is still around?

  2. The name itself suggests how yummy its chicken is. We have a new Savory at the SM Center, a stone's throw from our house.Let's try it in your next isit.

    We will be seeing the birthday celebrator when he returns from Cebu. For a change, punta kami KFC!

  3. hi, ang ganda ng blog na pinost mo tnx for sharing

  4. Savory was one of our fave when I was a kid. And I'm glad to see that it is still there...


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