Honors' Assembly 2010

Honors' Assembly 2010

Kyle, our son in 2nd year high school, received his bronze medal today for his academic performance last year (1st year hs). :) Their population has grown and for his level, there are now 8 sections with about 40 students per section. Getting a medal is getting tougher. Hehe...

I once told him to come to me in case he needed help with his assignments, but he insisted on doing it by himself. To tease him, I said, we'll get a tutor so he'd get gold next time. I laughed when I heard him say: "Haaa??? Nooo!!!". LOL.

Karinyo-brutal at its best...

Today, since the ceremonies were in the morning, this allowed for us and other working parents to grace the occasion and still be back in time for work. Thanks to SHS-ADC, we're able to enjoy the best of both worlds in parenting (being there for the kids while busy with work as well).

Honors' Assembly 2010
Kyle with his peers

Honors' Assembly 2010
proud ma and pa


  1. congrats to Kyle! and to you and Jerry. i'd be surprised if he's not in the honor roll =)

    i ♥ your necklace!

  2. hi cuz, thanks! re necklace thanks din. it's not very expensive naman... it's a charriol :D

  3. congrats to Kyle and to the proud parents!


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