24-hour Holter Monitor

The 24-hour holter monitor is nothing more than a portable battery-operated ECG machine attached to the body to check the heart rhythm. It's about the size of a digicam with 3 wires jutting out of it. That's my simplified description of what this contraption is.

I was fitted with one today to document my heartbeats for 24 hours while I go about doing my regular activities. The only things I'm not allowed to do are to detach the 3 electrodes from my body or to get any part of the apparatus wet. :). That, in itself, is what I will have to contend with.

The other part is the journaling of my activities together with the time these happened and symptoms if any. I initially thought of live twitting my activities to humor myself but decided to just do it using plain old reliable - pen and paper. 1111-1205 car ride from hospital to residence... 1205-1221 lunch at home (chicken tinola - haha!!!). Ah... this is amusing.

So yes, I will be on house arrest from now until tomorrow morning. The TV, computer, FB, my blog and my preschooler are to keep me preoccupied... unless I dare to venture out looking like a recently discharged hospital patient. ;) Chic! :D


  1. Another gadget. Is there an Iphone app that does the same thing? loko lang...ampuso mo....

  2. junnie, i thought of that too! lol! this thingy set us back by p3400 cebu price, just for the use. :)

    i was even wondering at first if i should not wear any metal or refrain from using electronic gadgets to avoid disruption of the monitor. okay lang naman daw.

    haays, pa and ma haven't tried this. i have the sole ownership of bragging rights. :P

  3. I hope the holter monitor recording nothing that will cause your doctor to be overly concerned about.

  4. hi bertN! doc said readings were normal but my heart wall is slightly thickened/enlarged. will see him later today.

  5. im just reading now and commenting..i've been in "hibernation" mode for so long! haha how are you now sis linor?

  6. hi shery,

    that was quite a scare. i decided to quit my job to focus on my health after that. :) im okay now.


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