Triple Celebration!

by Junnie

March 12, March 17 and March 18 - 3 celebrations yet the same wonderful blessed blissful feeling. Indeed, we are all gifts to each other and no matter how we celebrated it, the gift was indeed given in advance! Turning 41 was the same as turning another year, but of course this was made more special when you have another one blowing the cake with you! :P Here are the 2 Videos of our Birthday cake blowing, sharing to those who should've been there, blowing with us too: YOU!

March 12 - Junnie's Birthday

March 17 - Michele's Birthday and March 18 - Gabriel's 20th Month


  1. belated happy birthday! bagong gupit si gabby-pot.

  2. march is a full month for you with happy occasions to mark. soon gab will be celebrating his 24th month :) im sure it will be a blast.

  3. Now I can make comments na. Madali lang pala to publish it. Thanks me for the tip.

    Si Gab is not only pogi but comedian as well with lots of faces!


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