Oyster Bay

oysters, scallops, diwal 

The closest thing to Iloilo's diwal (angel wings shellfish) are the ones we had for lunch today. It was the first time for my 2 elder sons to try these fresh and prized shellfish. They liked it so much they had to let me divide equally the last piece on the serving dish. Hahaha. 

The novelty about this new resto in Cebu is that it looks like a small resort with white sand and a shark pond greeting you as you make your way to the al fresco dining area. Because the noon time heat was just too much to bear, we stayed in the airconditioned dining area where the very attentive staff made sure to take and serve our orders promptly. 

We had Oyster Bay paella, baked oysters and scallops, steamed diwal (heavenly!), grilled snapper (perfect!), adobong kangkong and lechon kawali (for Jake). 

Food, I must say, was excellent. And service was superb.

We will definitely be back!

al fresco



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