Exam Week

by Linnor

We were caught by surprise. Last week of Feb, we read in Jake's communication notebook that they were having their final exams this week. I initially thought the tests were not for another two weeks at least!

So in between our busy schedules, Jerry and I squeezed the time to prepare our preschooler for his finals, spending more time on the more difficult topics like Mandarin and Math.

It's Tuesday, second day of tests. We sure hope he's ready enough. From the looks of it, he seems excited that school is almost over.

While his elder brothers in high school prepare for their finals next week, for this kid, summer vacation officially starts this Friday!


  1. wow! That's great, early summer vacation and he would be absolved from celebrating his birthday in school. Tipid. Pero there should still be one diba?

  2. Yup. Nabitin sa 3/11 but re his birthday, we are giving his classmates loot bags on their last day of school (Thu). :) Advance na lang. We bought beach toys last night. A fitting giveaway to usher the summer. ;)

  3. good for your youngest.. mine is still in school.
    bad part is, i don't have the patience to tutor.. especially filipino and chinese.

  4. Zia didn't have a final exam when she still in K1. Now that she's in K2 and in a better school, I think it's probable. However, I just told her I can't help her with her Mandarin so she knows she has to listen to her teacher and she needs to teach me instead :)

    Good luck, Jake!

  5. hi mai, his pa takes charge of the chinese :)

    hi may, mas marunong pa ang kids kesa sa atin ng mandarin. :D


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