by Linnor
Chinese New Year 2010 

Among our three sons, Jake sets himself apart as being the friendliest. Everywhere we go, be it the school, the mall, our office, the church, he is like a celebrity, waving at all the familiar faces in sight.  Okay... that's exaggerating a bit. Heh. 

But if you are one of my colleagues whom he distracts from coding Java or Ruby on Rails whenever he's around, the attentive Starbucks barista whom he always mooches milk from (who looks for him when he's not with us), the Crocs salespersonnel he plays with (often enough that people think we own the franchise in Ayala), or our neighborhood guard whom he greets "Hi Guard!" to name a few, you sure would get my point. 

He doesn't need to know their names to play with them.  He wouldn't remember everyone after all.  I wish I had that friendly gene in me instead of the timid, introspective aura that people often mistake as snobbish or "taray". :)

Anyway... Time to end this post as Jake is now regaling me with his story about an ex-neighbor's kid whose family transferred residences last year and who came over to play with him this afternoon.

They had fun of course!  The friend (named Zach), even promised to come over again tomorrow.

Tomorrow happens to be Jake's 6th birthday too. :)

*Pic above was taken in Waterfront Hotel during the Chinese New Year's Dragon Dance where he bumped into his classmate William.


  1. Your youngest sounds like a very sweet boy.. =)

  2. surely he didnt get those genes from me either :) what's the celebration tomorrow? :) Jake, you are not just Mr. Congeniality, you are everything to your mom and dad and tomorrow, several years ago was one of the best days for the family. You are indeed Mr. Survivor!

  3. mai, he has that special charm that endears him to us :)

    junnie, haha! celeb for his classmates was done a week earlier on his last day of school. will post the pics later together with the family celeb. he's thinking which resto to go to for his special treat and even asked me: "what's your favorite resto ma?". aaas if! lol!


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