After Hibernation...

Ziggy woke up in the middle of the night and played for a short while before sleeping in this position.
Ziggy just woke up looking like this. That shows how "likot" he sleeps. Sorry for the clutter at the background. We were already packing our things when this pic was taken.

by May

I know I've been missing in action the past months.

Here's an update:
** new helper...better than the last
** new job...i enjoy every bit of it except for the $$$ :
** new apartment...bigger, better and cheaper for us
** new housemates...need it to save on rent and utilities.
** ziggy now calls me "Mama" and dances to the tune of "I want nobody nobody but you"
** talked to natalie imbruglia over the phone when she asked if we have received any news from qantas airlines regarding their flight (it was delayed)
** watched Adam Lambert live for free
** got a discount at Victoria's Secret, Star Cruises, Tom Jones concert, etc. but could not afford it. :)

It's been tough, as usual but who cares ? I have learned a lot and I have started to do the right things. Cutting costs, earning more...without compromising quality time with family.

I am looking forward to next month's major event...oooh can't wait. Sistah and Mudrah are coming to town. We have already planned part of the itinerary, of course it's subject to change until further notice...hehehe... To name a few: Singapore Zoo, Singapore Science Centre, Sentosa, Universal Studios Singapore, Orchard malls, Merlion & Esplanade (opkors), and Singapore Flyer... Let's see if they have the guts to take the G-Max (Reverse Bungy). For the food to eat/drink: Chili crabs, prata, laksa, satay, milk tea, durian(? haha), etc. Please don't forget the Bailey's!

Im on the night shift tomorrow night (how redundant) but I'm retiring to lalaland now. Nyty


  1. ang dami ng plans mare...kami din gusto pumunta ng SG ulit tapos Malaysia...hehehe..gusto ko rin magjoin sa Bailey's Session nyo...kagabi i had 2 rounds...sawap!

  2. hahaha...go go go...kayo lang ang tagal niyo mag plano e :) madami pa tayong hindi napupuntahan dito e

  3. katawa talaga yung 2nd pic ni ziggy. deadma pa rin expression nya kahit halos tanggal na ang shirt. :P

  4. Hi Ziggy, you are sleeping on post. Wake up na kasi we will be there next week. See you all.


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