With Gusto

by Linnor 

For snacks, I normally buy Jake KFC's Wow Steak or Jollibee's
spaghetti, batchoy, burger steak or chicken. These food outlets are in
the same building where my office is so it was rather convenient.

Yesterday, after sleeping for 2 hours right in Jerry's office and
perhaps getting tired of the usual fare, Jake wanted something
different - tempura and rice.

Off we went to Rai Rai Ken (not my favorite of Japanese restos) and
gave Jake what he craved. I could only shake my head at the way he
ate his rice and battered shrimps and almost drank the tempura sauce.
He even wanted to eat a portion of my ramen!

Hay... my boy is growing faster than I want him to. He'll be six in a
month. :)


  1. as they grow so does their appetite.. be ready.. for the years to come, your jake will order to two orders of rice instead of one. =)

  2. hi mai, oh yes :) we both have sons and we sure know what to expect when it comes to boys' appetites :)

    hi bertN, yes i agree. come to think of it, the kids' growth is something i wish would go slow or fast.

    hi pa! *waves*


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