Three's Company

by Junnie

It is peaceful and quiet now. Had it been this time 3 weeks ago, we'd probably hear incessant dogs barking as if not able to eat for days, the roaring sound of airplane every 10 minutes and maybe an animated discussion between my Mom-in-law and Tita Lola discussing things in the dining table.

It was always filled with sound and a lot of energy.

And from the recollection of my mom when we had an hour's call for the first time in 2 weeks, it was never the same after we left. Meals were quiet now. There were no pitter patter sound of footsteps running around the marbled floor nor the ruckus of flying plastic bricks from the play room to the living room.

Yes, we left the Philippines last January 20, arrived in Canada on the same day. Thus, this day became the longest day of our life as a family. Settling down, a week has passed, I could barely recall how our lives would have been different had the lil master of the house wasn't here with us.

Now our routines are in check. The past 10 days was tumultuous with changes in settings and environment disrupting sleep patterns and schedules. There were bouts with cough and colds, which are part and parcel with the change in temperature. There is the lack of energy to see people nor to be with other people. Hibernation was setting in. And it wasn't looking good.

So we broke the patterns one by one. I went out to watch an NBA game live. The wife started to visit her former shopping places and as a family we started to answer some phone calls, replied to emails and went out once in a while.

This allowed us to be out of our funk at least quickly as possible.

But those are physical changes, manifestations of usual transpacific travel, everyone calls as Jet lagged.

The best change we've felt lately is the fact that we were able to get out of everything as a family- us, three. The emotional high riding on fever subsiding or our bodies recovering was made more pleasant by the fact that we healed together as a family. Now, we wake up at the same time, we take turns to be with Gabriel, we watch TV, play outside in the snow and do things with an extra pair of little hands.

If you ask me if there was anything we wished for when we celebrated our Wedding anniversary last month, I'd just smile and tell you that the Lord has blessed us so much, sometimes I've forgotten to ask anything else. The only thing and prayer we utter these days are words of gratitude.


  1. welcome to parenthood junnie and mitzi! :) gabriel now completes the family picture. :)

  2. it really feels good to be spending time with your family. mine is always first on my list. they are the reason why im working my "ass" off like this. sorry for the word.

    happy for you the adjustment period is going smoothly. :)

  3. Yes to both my Ate's!

    I'm happy to do this role, knowing that I have both of you to ask questions from....

  4. sabagay, bunso ka nga pala when it comes to parenting ;) hehehe.


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