Salmon Two Nights in a Row

by Linnor

The restaurants in the malls are full. Some even require advance bookings or reservations. Good business actually for retail establishments and food outlets, with 2 special occasions falling on the same day: Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. Add to that the fact that it's payday. And you have the perfect mix for a happily chaotic weekend. Hehe.

For us, lunch was spent at home, after hearing mass. But come 6 pm, we were part of the crowd jostling for space in one of the restos in the mall.

Dinner was at Sizzling Pepper Steak. And compared with La Gondola (last night's venue for dinner), tonight's fare was better in more ways than one.

Now we are here having tea at the bar of Gustavian (and enjoying free wifi). Dinner has been 2 hours ago and am still full. I know now where to get my salmon steak fix for P300.

And it's definitely not from La Gondola.


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