No Time

by Linnor

It totally slipped my mind. The time I remembered to check on Jake's
preschool notebooks for assignment was past midnight! And guess
what? The assignment was for them to bring to school a home-made clock.

Instinctively I ran a list of materials in my head that would be
needed to make the clock. Paper plate, marker, scissors and bolt and
nut. Ever the procrastinator, I decided to sleep instead of do the
project. Can you believe it? It was way past midnight after all!

So by 530am, I was like a headless chicken running about gathering the
things I needed. Thankfully, after completing the clock at 615am, Jake
said: "Ma, that's nicer than what other Mamas made." Hehe.

What do you think?


  1. Good job Mama. How do they give out the grades? to the student? or the parents? :P

  2. hehehe... their lesson is "telling time". so that the parents don't have to buy the real clocks or toy clocks, we were told to make one instead. ;)

  3. Nice hand-made clock. With the corrugations around it, the clock is really a work of love! Hehehe!

    Impress upon Jake that TIME is God's indispensable gift. What we do with it is our gift to Him! Amen?

  4. pa, that's 15-minute "do-it-yourself" project for me. naalala ko tuloy yung participation ko dati sa string designs mo na you used to frame and mama's christmas tree made of punch cards and painted gold. :D


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