Feb 7, 2010


by Linnor


After the boys' haircut at about 5pm, we were choosing between having
snacks or early dinner. Thinking it was a healthier option to eat
before 6pm, we decided to have the latter.

We checked on the menu display of Gustavian, Cyma, Siam, Hola Espana
and Mesa. We even thought of going to Casa Verde. However, upon
seeing the crispchon picture at Mesa, we didn't go any further.

We had crispchon the first time we ate there and greatly enjoyed it.
This time around we tried a different fare altogether and zeroed in on
their inihaw sampler, 2-way laing and my seafood pasta.

Except for the seafood pasta which wasn't the marinara I was expecting
it to be, the inihaw sampler and laing were just delish! To go with
the main dish, we had tinapa rice. The food was more than enough for
3 hungry boys.

"Ah, we're sooo full", exclaimed our eldest when they were done. Ha!
It's only 630pm, I told them. We're in the mall anyway. Go walk it
off. :P

Choco mousse dessert is waiting at home.

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