Inanimate Nanny

by Linnor
Thank heavens for colleagues who are fond of Legos and other toy
figures! Yep, good thing it's a hobby for most IT experts. These
could keep Jake preoccupied for hours while I go about my day and
while Jerry goes from one meeting to the next. :)

"Woosh! Bam-bala-bam... Woo! The pirates have landed! Bsssh!"

I'd gladly choose listening to make-believe pirate stories more than
hearing a whiney kid who's already bored stiff. Wouldn't you?


  1. here, we are more on mega blocks (the bigger building blocks) and just as the same, magugulat na lang kame may nagbabarilan na or bigla na lang may tatahol haha

    building blocks and toy figures are of the most practical toy no. the kids can go play with the whole day without getting bored. and then the next day they would play it again and again :)

  2. hi pehpot,
    yes, it doesn't matter if lego or mega blocks. they are a surefire way to keep them busy for hours. :)


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