Feb 13, 2010

Happy Hearts' Day!

by Linnor


Our preschool boy came home last Thursday and excitedly exclaimed: "I have something for you Ma!" and proceeded to hand me a project they made in school. :)

It was a paper cut-out shaped into a heart and pasted in 2 layers. As you open the 1st layer, this message is written inside: "I love you Mom and Dad! - Jacob".

I looked at it and imagined how much effort he put into it. Then I looked at him, smiled and gave him a hug as I thanked him. It's now ranked high up there together with the love notes handmade by my elder sons when they were Jake's age. 

Small reminders of their child-like days when their full focus was on family and they were not preoccupied yet with teenage stuff like friends, school, going out, crushes, etc. My heart ached a bit and longed for those times.  Our elder sons have grown now.  They no longer make paper cut-outs in the shape of hearts. 

I sat in reverie until my thoughts were interrupted.

"Do you like it?", Jacob asked. "Of course!", I replied.

It's priceless...

Happy hearts' day!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day din sa iyo!

  2. Hope you had the best valentine celeb!


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