Handmade Bumblebee

by Linnor

Son #2, Kyle's patience, which is usually short (ha!), was tested last night as we cut and glued together the paper pieces for this craft.

It may not be as perfect as we wanted it to look (rough edges, imperfect head, missing piece, etc), but it was the best we could do as 1st timers.   This was actually fun and I enjoyed doing it with him.

Thanks to a colleague who introduced us to this, we'll have more projects this weekend.


  1. cute. i love bumblebee pero bakit si kyle lang?

  2. Is this an activity I could buy at the bookstore?? It'd be nice to introduce it to my boys.

  3. hi may,
    thanks! si kyle ang may artistic streak eh. hehehe...

    hi mai,
    i thought it was a kit that you can buy from the bookstore, models are actually downloadable from here: http://paperinside.com/delorean/

    just buy the white thick paper from national. :)

  4. mai, this particular model is found here: http://paperinside.com/2009/06/24/transparkers-bumblebee/

    you'll need toothpick for the glue :) because the parts are tiny.


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