Early Riser

by Linnor
Out of necessity, I'm usually up by 515am. That is, if I don't wake
up ahead of my 2 set alarms. I instinctively barge into the boys'
room to literally pull them out of bed and coax them to get ready for
school. Then I try to go back to sleep.

Recently, I added a new routine to my lethargic mornings to allow for
some fitness regimen. Ahem. Hubby bought a "twist and shape" stepper
which is, more than anything, for making tv watching more productive.

So by 7am, after seeing the boys off, I'd be hooked on Unang Hirit or
Umagang Kay Ganda while working the mini machine until it registers
200 calories burned!

The happy hormones would power me to go about the rest of the day.
However, right after lunch at home, I try to squeeze in about 10mins
of downtime (aka nap) or else, I'd look like Jake's favorite cartoon
character in this pic.

The end.

Another senseless blabber just to tie the pic to my post.


  1. and show your lcd screen tv :) hey the casino is opening on sunday feb 14. sabihin mo kay mama if they have points pwede nila gamitin dito to pay for hotel rooms. convert the points lang to sing dollars.

  2. may,

    luma na yan. di mo pa pala nakikita kasi di ka na ulit napasyal ng cebu. :)

    open na rin ba ang universal studios?


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