Dear Darla

by Linnor

Have you tried it or even heard of it? For those who haven't, here's the lowdown. First, you put a layer of arugula. Second, you sprinkle some alfalfa sprouts. Then you roll the pizza tightly to secure the greens. And voila! That's Dear Darla.

Hold the roll and sink your teeth to taste something new. I guarantee you'll find it quite a novelty. The first time I tried, I immediately liked it. Maybe you would too if you like greens.

Of course, before all that, you have to order it from a Yellow Cab pizza outlet nearest you.


  1. This is interesting.. So the name of this one is Dear Darla? I like greens, but my boys don't love it as much. So meaning to say I have to order two kinds of pizza.

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  3. we tried it. medyo messy lang if you don't do it right. an adult would need to help the kiddies.

  4. hi mai,
    the boys might still like it, but without the greens :)

    hi mona,
    i agree. earlier, my slice was kinda brittle and i couldn't roll it without causing it to break. so i ate it like a regular pizza with the greens on top of it.

  5. I wish we have something similar here!

  6. hi bertN,
    i think this will work using any thin crust pizza. :) just add the arugula and alfalfa sprouts on top, no need to roll.


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