Chronicles of a Home Maker

by May

After the holidays, we didn't expect our lives to be really tough. On the first week, Zia got sick with fever as high as 40 degrees celsius. She didn't want to eat anything because she could not hold food long enough to digest it. Others might have panicked at the onset but I tried to keep myself together. I did a lot of researching, reading, and praying. Ice cold sponge bath, paracetamol, chicken arroz caldo, TLC, and God's mercy cured her on the fourth day.

On the second week, I asked my maid to go for her routine medical check up and to our suprise, the results showed that she cannot stay here in SG as per law. We were caught off guard as we needed to repatriate her immediately without having to wait for a replacement. I've been stuck at home since then. More expenses (air ticket for her and all the fees for a replacement) less income (since I could not work).

Now as a homemaker, I wake up 8am to prepare Zia for school (good thing somebody discovered breakfast cereals as it takes centuries to prepare her food and feed her...she's just too slow). Her bus picks her up at 10am and brings her home at 330pm...just enough time to take care of the little one (feed, bathe, and put him to sleep). When Zia arrives, I give her milk (Pediasure) if she's not hungry (they eat in school), and put her to sleep to continue her nap in the bus. Sometimes, she tells me she's hungry and wants to eat...that's the time I cook for her and put her to sleep after. She sleeps 3 hrs in the afternoon. When she wakes up, she does her homework (English and Chinese). I try my best to help her in both subjects but if it's not in the Chinese-English dictionary, I couldn't. Most of the time, it's her teaching me and not the other way around. :) At 6pm, I cook dinner. At 10pm, I put the kids to sleep.

My husband helps me by throwing garbage in the trash bin, washing feeding bottles, taking care of the kids when I have to do something, and others I can't do.

In spite all these unfortunate events, I still feel blessed as we are still together and healthy.


  1. You are more beautiful these days because we know that BEAUTIFUL HANDS ARE THOSE THAT DO! Now you know how it is to be a doting, hands-on Mom! Yes?

    Moreover, we are just one text away just in case you badly need shoulders to cry on. Tawag na!

  2. parang pang long-distance call na commercial yung comment ni papa. hehehe....

    hang in there sis!

  3. Now, that I have another job, I feel sad to leave the kids with somebody I don't know. I mean with their new yaya. I just hope she'll take care of them like her own. haaay.

  4. Nothing beats that feeling May. Nothing will and I now I can relate.


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