Ziggy Can Walk

by May

I would just like to show you the day Ziggy walked longer than usual without holding on to anything. I hope you like it.


  1. way to go ziggy!!! soon you'd be giving momma may a good work out when she starts running after you. :P

  2. bonus points for Ziggy!!! til the next round....hindi pa The End.

    Karera sila ni Gabe ;)

    Watched it like 6x this morning hahaha

  3. ate tata: yikes, ngayon palang actibo na...hindi pa nga masyadong nakakalakad grabe naman gumapang

    kuya: hahaha...wag nalang karera...maghawakan nalang sila tapos side by side maglakad. parang magbestfriend ba.:) mas maganda maaga pa lang madevelop na ang closeness nila...

  4. One small step of a child is one giant leap for Ziggy! I will see him go places soon!

    I hope Ziggy would soon use his feet not only to go to school and malls but to visit the poor and needy as well.


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