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Jake's reflection

A 3-day weekend is  something I always look forward to.  For this one, we didn't have anything grand planned.  Have you ever heard of "staycation"?  As Wikipedia puts it, staycation is a neologism for a period of time in which an individual or family stays at home and relaxes at home or takes day trips from their home to area attractions.

In our case,  we kicked off our weekend with a trip to the spa.  My hubby and I brought eldest and youngest sons along while the middle son was at boy scout camp.  Jerry, Matt and I had an hour of foot massage. 

The good thing about this favorite (not expensive) spa we go to near the Grand Convention is the therapists start the massage with hand and head massage, then the foot massage (this is the part where we all doze off, involuntarily. Hehehe) and end it with a back massage.  It's actually like getting your whole body kneaded but on a Lazy Boy chair instead of a narrow bed.

That was last Thursday night.  For the whole session, 5yo Jake was on one chair just playing his PSP and Game Boy while Jerry, Matt and I fell into glorious spa heaven. :)

As I write this, I have a whole free day to go before the weekend's over.

Jake at the spa


  1. Hi..what's the name of the spa??

  2. hi mai, the spa is body and sole at the forum along the main road and after grand convention if you are coming from banilad. :)

  3. Jake actually wanted to have foot massage also...he he he!

  4. Hi Linnor! Was that the one we went to the last time I was there? I think I snored :) hehehe!

  5. hi janette, yes, it's the same one :)


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