Singapore Science Centre is a lot of Fun!!!

by May

Rommel applied for a leave of absence without knowing what to do or where to go. He immediately searched the web for ideas and found out about the Science Centre of Singapore. At first, I was hesitant because aside from being too far (Jurong), I thought it would be boring but instead, we had so much fun and we're planning to go back to check out the exhibits we didn't see due to lack of time.

We watched 'Under the Sea' at the Omni Theatre. We also visited following exhibits: The Mind's Eye, Space Science, iSpace, Our Solar System, Ecogarden, Nanotechnology, Amazing Electron, Discovery Zone, Primary Science Learning Experience, Climate Change, Genome, Atrium, and Energy.

For our next destination, we want Body Worlds (real cadavers are used for the exhibit), Snow City (just to experience snow in this part of the world), and Stargazing (only on Fridays).

The video is just to show some of the things to see inside the centre. Sorry if some scenes were recorded too fast.


  1. aha! more sights to check out the next time we visit sg :D. thanks for sharing!

  2. actually kaya ko yan pinost para pumunta kayo agad. :)

  3. we will be there with little Gab

  4. we will be there with little Gab

  5. goody! can i make a request? pwedeng lahat kayo sabay na pumunta dito. meaning kasama sila mama and ate tata. ang saya saya! Maybe before you leave for Canada? Pretty please...


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