Nov 24, 2009

Making Memories with Free Hugs

by Junnie

My name is a combination of 2 Lolos. Mar or Lolo Mayong is my mama's dad, while Lu or Lolo Luz is from Dad's side. Put together, my second name, Marlu was conceived.

I never have much recollection about my time spent with my 2 lolos. (Lolas are different. I spent practically my whole pre-teen years with Lola Meding.)

I remember the drawing sessions we had with Lolo Mayong, replete with the stick drawings of people on a ship, we agreed to call Sweet Faith. I was 3 then and I knew that my drawing skills never came from him. Lol.

Lolo Luz was maybe old enough or never really was the lolo-carrying-apo kind that I never remembered anytime spent in his arms. Yes, I remember him to smile at me and that deep-set eyes telling me that I look more like my Lola Unang than my sister Linnor who took to his pair of eyes.

So I promised myself that Gabriel will spend a lot of times in his lolo's arms. For him and his Lolo, these are memories that Gabriel will remember well into his older years.

Besides, last I remember they were free. :)


  1. I still have fond memories of my lolo and lolas even when I am a lolo now. You are doing the right thing for Gabriel - giving him a "gift" that will last him a lifetime.

  2. aw...just look at how gabe is so at home in pa's (his lolo's) arms. :)

  3. nice pic...sana matagal pa kayo sa pinas para makasama pa nila mga lolo and lola ng matagal


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