It's Like A Walk in the Park...Literally

by Junnie

The best part of my day is the time between waking up and having breakfast. To think that I was never a morning person.

I realized that even if my eyes were half shut-half open, and my contact lenses are as hard as a broken glass, I long to smell that sweet scent and carry those small arms that cling to me like a tarsier to a tree.

Yes! I wake up to this every morning and God only knows why I was blessed this much, sometimes I feel I don't deserve all His blessings. But yes, you can never outdo a giving God.

But God has His mysterious ways and our stay in the Philippines has been more than a mystery to us, it is drama and comedy combined with a lot of children stories on the side. I hope to tell them to all of you - personally.

When? you may ask.

Maybe, while walking down the path to a coffee shop or our regular morning walks to the park?
Sama ka?


  1. Just dropping by with a smile. I like the shot in this's like God walking side by side with a child...

    hope you could also drop by :)

  2. I can't wait to see you guys in December!


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