by Linnor

Jake and I, in school

Jake has been spending the afternoons in Jerry's office lately, largely because I do not want to leave him at home with the new nanny yet.  While in the office, sometimes he would be approached by some colleagues for small talk.  A colleague of mine narrated how her conversation with our 5yo Jake went.  It was something like this:

A:  Jake, can you spell "apple"?

Jake proceeds to write.

J:  A a a "a".  Ap ap ap "p".  Apl apl apl "l".

A: (Looks at the "apl" that Jake wrote...) Oh, that's not a word.  That's an acronym like BPI (Bank of Phil Islands), etc.

J: Eh how do you read this?

A: Uh..."apple"


J:  Ok, I won't spell na lang.  I will draw an apple instead. :D
Jake with Fr. Manny
Jake (2nd from left) is here with friends and Fr. Manny during the preschool acquaintance party.


  1. Maybe Jake prefers being a painter to being a spelling bee champion!

  2. hi paparazzi!

    i guess that's proof that young kids are more visual. :) soon jake will be able to spell big words like "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis".


  3. just like our second boy, we asked him what is the sound of C and he answered.. meow meow (for cat) hehe

  4. hi pehpot,

    lol! that was cute! sound of d should be "arf arf". hehehe... i love the way kids think.


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