Struggling to Stay Awake

by Linnor

We've been spending the last several nights (plus the weekend) reviewing the boys for their 2nd quarterly exams. With Jerry in Manila for a few days, I had to summon up extra-ordinary powers to juggle my time between work and tutoring (not to mention the driving). Nothing new except... I think I'm (a bit) old to stay awake long enough to make sure everything's been done and the boys are ready for bed. These days, at 9pm, my eyelids seem unable to defy the pull of gravity and I find myself doing a new workout regimen which consists of: blinking and yawning and keeping my head from nodding. And though I take coffee, I find myself asleep just before the caffeine kicks in. Ugh!
photo.jpg Sleep is our friend... The boys take 5 in between review sessions... :D


  1. This pic looks like a composite pic of one person, just in different times of his life.

    The boys' sacrifices will surely pay off. The coffee's caffeine, I'm not sure why you even take that lol!

  2. that is actually jerry when he was 5, 13 and 16 years old. lol!

    if you could suggest / recommend something to keep me awake, i'd drop the caffeine anytime, hehehe... but coming from a (fellow) sleepyhead like you, i'm not sure i'd take your advice. hahaha!

  3. hehehe. blood (it's in the genes) is thicker than caffeine. ako, i can stay awake 24 hours pero pag consecutive days na, bagsak narin ako. :)

  4. walang timezone na kinikilala ang mata ko, may. wala sa vocabulary ang insomnia. hehehe...


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