Kyle's 13th

by Linnor

Kyle's Birthday Lunch
At the height of the boys' preparation for their school periodic exams last weekend, we quietly celebrated (2nd son) Kyle's 13th birthday with a mass, Chinese lunch at Big Mao in Ayala Terraces (Cebu) and dinner at Georg Cafe. His birthday treat to friends is scheduled next weekend, when he and his friends are done with the tests and just before they take their sem break. :)
Picnik collage
So... What are the changes to this new teen's life so far? He just asked my permission last night if he could join his Ahia (Matt) in the school dance tomorrow (Saturday). Hmm... That's a first and definitely not the last.


  1. ampayat na ni matts...grabe mga binata na talaga ikaw, mag make up ka ng onti ;) pagdating ko sa dec, makeover tayo ha pero bayad mo. :)

    congrats sa new car, matagal pa ako makakapunta sa cebu ulit di tulad dati na every year. haaay

  2. time flies... lapit na din si Jake sa mga night out.

  3. may, never naman ako nagmake-up (except on formal occasions). wehehe... i don't think i need to cover my aging looks. nanibago ka siguro sa new eyewear ko na half-rim. :D and nasanay sa old glasses ko na mala-Jessica Zafra ang frame.

    hi jo. sana puedeng i-switch ng slo-mo or fast forward ang time if needed no? *hayys*

  4. Happiest of birthdays again Kyle! Today starts the first day of the rest of your life as a teener/teenager.

    Enjoy this period of your life to the brim!---STUDY, PLAY and PRAY as ever to make you more loving, well-behaved and irresistible.

  5. i now have another pair of hands to do things for me. hehehe... no more excuse about being a kid. he's officially a teen.


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