Keeping the Sanity

by Linnor

O-kay... If this is not your first time here, you would have noticed that this collaborative blog is turning into a solo blog. Hehe.  Both my brother and sister are busy with a lot of things, but that is not to say I'm not as busy.  I have a husband, 3 sons and a full time job, and the nanny just moved back to her province... yada-yada-yada...

I have my share of hectic days too, you know, and that is about everyday of the week.  So what's my point in all this blabbering?  I'm just happy to blog about an afternoon I had with friends a few days back.  It was last Saturday, right after the lunch treat at Big Mao.  The exchange of experiences and views, and the frequent laughter at our self-deprecating statements were the perfect prescription to keep our "sanity" until the next time we meet up, hopefully.

At a glance, we look like the women of SATC minus 1... senior version.  :P

Afternoon Coffee
with Ann and Dahlia (photo taken by my 5yo son, Jake)


  1. I think a collaborative blog of three siblings is a great idea!! Even though my sisters and I live in the same town, we sometimes don't get time to physically visit with each other so I understand wanting to keep in touch anyway you can.

  2. Hi Linnor,

    Jake did a good job...before we know it he would be starting his own blog na. Nice to see Ann and Dahlia!

    By the way, how do you post pictures like this, 4 in one. I know Im exposing my ignorance here, but just have to ask...makes my life easier, hehehe. Next time I see you, can we do Blog 101, please?


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